Andy Payne


Programming languagesPython, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++, Swift, Clojure, Ruby, Rust, Go
Frontend technologiesReact, Vue, Tailwind, Svelte, Angular, Rails, D3
Server frameworksNode, Flask, FastAPI
Mobile technologiesElectron, Swift, React Native
DatabasesPostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB
Queuing/Message busRabbitMQ, Kafka
Machine learningNLP, Spacy, PyTorch, Pandas
Container technologiesDocker, Kubernetes
Cloud environmentsAmazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Audio technologiesPure Data, Ableton Live

Personal Projects

CTRLR MIDI Controller

A programmable MIDI controller using the Teensy 4.0 Arduino board, with a custom-designed enclosure and a Pure Data interface

Traintime iOS App

An iOS Swift mobile app for timing and tracking workout progress


An assortment of devices for the Pure Data audio visual programming environment

Dev Cheatsheet

A collection of docs and help files covering various parts of my dotfiles and programming environments


A Pure Data synth inspired by the Swarmatron


A C++ header-only library for managing button states


Utilities for grabbing camera feeds and running object detection - usable with Nest, Wyze, and Amcrest cameras


AI: Coming to an Office Near You (2018)

I gave a talk on the application of artificial intelligence to running a team at Leaders Meet: Innovation in London.

Unlocking Business Potential through VR (2017)

I was on a panel for the business applications of virtual reality at Oculus Connect 4.

Life After Acquisition (2016)

I gave a talk on adjusting to a larger company after a startup acquisition at the Launch Scale conference in San Francisco.

Desktop Search: A New Platform for Malware Scanning? (2005)

Oliver Schmelzle and I presented a novel approach to malware scanning at the Virus Bulletin conference in Dublin.